Thursday, March 13, 2014

No filters.......

As we mature, we tend to filter less. And I think that's a very good thing.         

  • When did a group become a "cohort"?
  • Why is my phone now a "cell"?
  • And why does my home have multiple cells but no phone of its very own?
  • Why can't I buy a digital camera anymore but intersections have lots of them?
  • Why does my gym offer CHAOS as if its a good thing--AND I have to pay to have more of it in my life?
  • My daughter's wallet was stolen recently and it never occurred to me to ask if there was actual money in it.
  • It doesn't seem like a wise decision to force taxpayers to use garbage receptacles that are bigger than most people, much less when those bins are filled to the brim and thus immobile.
  • Why does my credit union attempt to socially engineer my choice of vehicle by designating parking spaces for fuel-efficient cars--especially when they financed the car I am not allowed to park in front of their building?
  • Since when can't I be trusted to safely make a left turn on my own?
  • Do we really believe more signs and longer crossing times will remedy stupidity on the part of drivers who plow into pedestrians?
  • How come telemarketers call my phone (oh, CELL) and then refuse to speak for several long seconds? Didn't THEY call ME?
 “Progress has not brought about universal happiness...”
Adam Leith Gollner


  1. Unfortunately, I did not age to is a struggle just to be the best I can be. I taught Tai-Chi/Chi-Gong for over 20 years, and currently taking classes from one who taught for over 40 years, we still teach each other variations in the framework of those concepts. Rather than reaching perfection, I find the natural aging process points out ever increasingly that the 'spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak'. I am in the arduous journey of moving to a new residence, which is probably a good thing, but that journey is one of immense hardship, a lot of which is self-doubt (for lack of a better term). My family says, 'simplify' like that is some magic, silver-bullet. As a writer, I know that editing is really the hard part of putting together any piece worthy of merit...but...I love writing! (I don't even like moving). Yours, in ever declining perfection: Red (BTW: I loved writing this!)

  2. Debbie that was awesome as usual. I seldom carry money in my wallet too. Those new trash bins could hold several bodies. I thought only I got those telemarketing calls. Where did "cell" word come from with our phones? Green arrows, I've have sat and sat waiting for one when there is no one coming the other way. (psss then I just turn anyway). Great job!

  3. Thanks, Anne! (I turn sometimes, too......;) )