Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre-cruise control......

Tomorrow at this time, the floating party will be underway on board the cruise ship as it pushes away from the dock, and I will be sitting on a deck chair, glass of champagne in hand, as I watch the fun.

I was introduced to this brand of vacationing about three years ago, when I went on my first cruise shortly after my father passed away. Since then I met a man who is a veteran of over forty voyages (not counting his Navy cruises, which I have a feeling were quite different than what I experience on these huge cities on water), and we have visited the Caribbean and Bermuda together so far. Last year we took my daughter and a friend of their first cruise, and THEY are hooked now, too. (For an account of one of those earlier journeys, you can catch up at

At first I wondered, too, what the big deal is about going on a cruise. But, we have to keep in mind that my life has not been one filled with money or extra time, so I didn't take many vacations anyway....anywhere. Now I get it, though.

It's about freedom. And being disconnected from the grind of whatever wears you down each day. We all spend a lot of time eking out a living and things have been even tougher in the past few years, hasn't it? So, to step into a world where other people wait on ME, where no money changes hands, where I can act ridiculous if I want to and no one back at home is the wiser.........well, it is intoxicating. I hear Vegas is much like this, but I don't gamble and I love the ocean, so a glitzy city of chance in the desert doesn't entice me much.

So, I'll be basking in the sun by tomorrow, listening to party music and watching people dance--and doing some dancing myself--eating great food, and leaving everything else behind for seven days. The deadlines, the traffic, the everyday toil, it is gone while on board ship.

I will take you along with me, though, through my journal, and I'll begin sharing that with you upon my return to normality in a week. 

So, the anticipation is nearly over. Let the fun begin!

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity.  
~Author Unknown

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