Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The jester continues to giggle.....

Well, the laugh's on us, I guess. What else can we attribute such incompetence to, other than we are stuck in a cosmic comedy of some kind, with no visible escape?

Remember the follow up doctor's visit from two days ago? Here's a reminder for those who need it:

The patient called me again THAT evening and said, "Oh, it gets better! I got home and noticed a paper stapled to my checkout form, and called the doctor's office to find out what it was. Remember when you asked the doctor if there was going to be any pre-op lab work that needed to be done between tomorrow and Thursday? He said, NO, just go to the hospital and they'll take care of it that morning, right?"

Yep, that's what the doc said, I recalled.

"Not true, apparently. But after being switched around from phone to phone for about 15 minutes, they said, 'Well, just go ahead to the hospital on Thursday morning, and they'll do it on a STAT basis, and have the results in about two hours."

(And if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you, too.)

Guess that problem has been resolved, then. Right?

You'd be wrong, as the jesters shakes his bells and snickers in glee. Yesterday afternoon, when the patient was back at the doctor's office to [finally] get the test that they couldn't find in the file but that is probably there after all, they looked at him like he was crazy when he mentioned the pre-op lab work. "NOOOOOOO!," the nurse screeched. "That has to be done here before Thursday! You need to come in tomorrow and get it done!"

So, that's where he is right now. There are no more shoes that can drop......are there??

I'll keep you posted on the outcome of all of this, and then we'll talk about who consumers report this kind of incompetence to, especially when there are multiple billings going to Medicare for each return visit, even if it's the result of that incompetence. 

And I'm NOT kidding.

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