Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cruisin' in May.....

May has proven to be unusual in my quest to accomplish one new adventure each month. As many of you know, I took an 8-day cruise to Bermuda last week, which is a new destination in itself. I've been to several Caribbean islands and a few places in Mexico, but had never ventured that far out into the Atlantic before. I could check that off as my one new thing and sign off until next month, but that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

There was much more, as it turns out:

  • Working out is a big part of my life, and YES....I DID work out on the cruise ship! (As a matter of fact, I came back exactly the same weight as when I left, so I did something right.) But now I can say I did the core fitness routine three times on a wildly rocking ship. After we left port, word began to circulate among the 2200 + passengers that we were skirting a tropical storm, the first of the season. My fitness routine is challenging enough without the floor gyrating under my feet. Plus, I had to match my movements to various styles of music that happened to be playing in the ship's fitness center, everything from techno dance to R & B. (I hope my dance instructor is reading this. He will be amazed.)
  • Did you know a lifeboat is called a "tender" when it's merely moving passengers from the ship to a port-less shore? Me, neither. But Newport, Rhode Island is a beautiful town with no port for huge cruise ships that visit....we had to get to shore somehow, though. Never done that before.
  • Here's another one: The Coast Guard will bring a helicopter over 200 miles out to sea if you have a medical emergency on a ship. God bless them. At least it wasn't me, but we got to watch as they arrived, hovered next to the vessel, and then slid over the pool deck where they hauled an elderly passenger up in a basket. 
 An 8-day cruise offers a floating playground of 24/7 experiences, most of them new to me, neophyte passenger that I am. These are just a few, so stay tuned for future installments. Next time I'll tell you about the 18" bridge, the careening taxi, and the downpour in Boston.

"Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made."

-Robert N. Rose

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