Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me and the Z......

Some loves burn bright and quick, flaring up and consuming everything in its path before there is nothing left but ashes. I had one of those once.

Others build over time, friendships slowly turning into familiarity touched with gentle intimacy. There was one of those for me once, too.

And then there is me and the Z. We comfort each other just by knowing we exist. We don't have to be together all the time, or even every day. Such neediness is never attractive.

I have wanted to own one of these cars since they first were introduced, probably 40 years ago. They were Datsuns then, and I almost had one once.  It was black and sleek and purred in my ear. Life intervened, as it often does, and my chance slipped away. I see them on the road all the time, today's models still sleek, making a statement merely by being on the road. "I'm here, and always will be. People may be surprised at our relationship, me all sporty and hot, and you looking so conservative and.....sane."  

Monday was the third installment of doing something I have never done before every month for a year. So, I drove a Z for the first time since that near miss years ago. I realize I'll probably never be able to own one, but we've had that experience now, together again. We were hot together, me and that gun metal gray Z.

Some may think it's silly to get enjoyment out of such a materialistic adventure, but hey.....this is MY year of enjoying life in a bit different way each month. Go get your own.

Nissan 360 Z

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  1. I had a friend with a Z in the 60's and loved hers...what a neat car...wait in may have been the 70's but what the was a cool car! and Sexy too!