Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mind toots.....

Which will go first: My mind or my body?

My morning sittin' spot offered no clues to this question. In fact, it only complicated things as I remembered (there's the mind thing) that tomorrow is the 28th of the month. My "do something I've never done before" day, the self-imposed Year of Renewal I shared with all of you a couple of months ago. Wish I hadn't done that.

Two weeks ago I was all set to go rock climbing at one of those indoor adventure places tomorrow, where I could belay up a beginner's wall. Well, actually, the machinery would belay me up. From what I understand there wasn't much I would need to do, just hang there all clipped in, sticking a toe here and there to make it look like I was climbing that rock. A perfect photo op, and I could post the pictures on Facebook and everything. I'm sure the helmet is spiffy, too.

So what happened out there by my little fire in the rising dew this morning? The best way I can describe it is that my mind is tooting. Not my body. My mind.

Follow me here: Tomorrow I have to teach a class of 4th and 5th grade peer mediators in the morning. It's only an hour but travel time is another hour and the actual teaching time is intense. Once I get back to my office, I have a writing assignment to complete, one that is giving me a bit of a problem. All of this is mind stuff, right? My body just follows along, following the mind's instructions: "Hey! Over here! Next stop!"

By the time all of that is done, my mind begins grumbling about being overworked, where's the union when you need it, mumbling, groaning, looking for a soft spot to land, maybe with a beer in hand. Sigh.....

You want to do WHAT? Get up out of this chair, drive across town, and climb a wall? Are you kidding me, woman?

My body retorts, "I haven't had any fun today, controlling *&%^*! It's time to get movin' here, achy bones and all. It's good for you! GET UP!"

I'll let you know who wins tomorrow.

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Jack Benny

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