Friday, January 14, 2011

Losing it.....

Hair and music.  I'll wait. you give up? I admit the connection isn't apparent. In fact, maybe there isn't any relationship at all, it's just that both things have been on my mind this week.

Getting older does that to you, it seems. Kind of like, you think of something you need to retrieve from another room, but when you get there you can't remember why you're there, standing in the middle of the room muttering to yourself. I drive a lot for my work, and have suddenly found myself (and it often DOES feel like I've been found when this happens)  "waking up" on a major road wondering WHERE THE HECK AM I GOING?? Not, oh, I forgot how to get there....I don't even remember where I was headed to begin with.

That has to be dangerous. (Note to DMV....I drive very carefully wherever it is that I'm headed. Honest.)

And whatever you do, don't interrupt me in the middle of a sentence. Break that chain of thought and it might be GONE. To be honest, as I've gotten older I sometimes lose that tenuous tether to my ideation without any interruption when I'm talking...the next thought simply floats away, out of reach, playing tag with my sanity. At least that's how it feels. My brain just leaks things out before I can finish with them. I hate it when that happens. Especially in a business meeting and I'm the one talking. Not impressive. and music. I got sidetracked again, didn't I? (No, I did NOT forget what I was saying!)  Hair grows where you don't want it and never HAD hair before, and stops growing where it's always been at home before.  And have all restaurants conspired to drive us insane with the volume of the music in their establishments? Shouldn't the goal be to keep customers in the place as long as possible, spending money so your employees can keep their jobs? Why are you driving us out the door to find a place where......

What was I saying?


  1. You've just told MY story. My boyfriend and I reach for names, places, and finish each other's sentences. I ask for a hint and then go on Google and come up with the answer and we both get the most smug looks on our face. I've passed my own home, gotten lost going to the hairdresser; all those good things that say "you are 75, so get used to it" And yes, don't stop me when I'm telling you something because when you finish what you have to say, I will have a blank stare on my face wondering "what was I saying?"

    Bobbie Fromberg

  2. Thanks, Bobbie...we need affirmation that it's NOT just us, don't we?? And I love the fact that you are apparently 75 years old and HAVE A BOYFRIEND! You go, girl! I appreciate you reading my work and hope you stick around....